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Hytte til Sanserom DeLux med wifi

145 x 145 x 109 cm

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The ultimate in Cabins! 
Features include: 
  • Wi Fi compatible colour-changing LED ceiling for increased light, visual appeal and interaction
  • Mirrors on the walls for increased visual appeal and to create a warm ambiance
  • Cushioned floor for increased safety
  • Doorways can be positioned to suit your requirements
  • Maintenance free - the LEDs last approximately 100,000 hours!
  • Wooden frame
    • Provides a hideaway/retreat for individuals prone to sensory overload
    • When used with ROMPA® Wi Fi Controllers these provide an empowering opportunity for choice, control, learning and interaction
    • Encourages motor skills such as crawling and therefore promotes the development of core strength – users can move into and upon the Cabin
    • Visually stimulating – colour changing light and mirrors on the inside
  • 145 x 145 høyde 109 cm

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